why baby and pregnancy photography?

For me, being creative means moving forward. Introducing fresh, new ideas creates motion and movement, which for me, personally, represents and embraces the life that’s constantly changing around us. That’s why photography is such a great choice for my life style and my beliefs. In photography, there is always room for new ideas, for creativity and new style.

After my first pregnancy photo shoot, the expectant mother, who had previously confessed she was very modest with her body, told me: “Thank you, You made me feel really beautiful.” And I said what I believed was true: “You are beautiful!” The same mom brought her baby girl for her first photo session just a month later. She was an absolute angel! I want to send a special “thank you” to the mom and her amazing baby girl. Working with them reinforced my desire to work as a photographer capturing the special moments in the lives of expecting mothers and newborn babies.

~ Agata Langer